Wedding Cakes

Bajan Weddings can arrange for your wedding cake to be made and delivered. There are many different designs and flavours to choose from, but if you have seen a cake design that you'd like please feel free to email us the picture -


Types of Wedding Cake

Sponge/Pound Cake

Lemon, vanilla, almond, almond cherry,

lemon studded with raspberries,

buttercream filling (various flavours),

fresh cream filling


Rich Chocolate Cake

Layers of moist chocolate sponge with chocolate icing

(icing can be flavoured - white chocolate, mint, baileys, cointreau, coffee, praline, orange, hazelnut etc)


Carrot Cake


Opera Gateau

Layers of lightly rum soaked chocolate and vanilla sponge (rum can be omitted), coffee (or praline) buttercream and chocolate ganache


Bajan Great Cake

with or without marzipan


Rich English Fruit Cake

with or without marzipan


Small Cakes

Cup cakes, mini cakes and handmade

packaged favours are also available


Cakes can be all the same flavour or each tier can be different. If you have a special request or flavour in mind which is not on the above list feel free to discuss it with us by emailing